Several languages meeting 2

The second meeting was on Oct 1st. That day was the Chinese national day. Not only we had a lot of activities in China, but also here in Finland had a celebrate activity. This activity was held by the local Chinese organization. We were invited to go to the art show. This was a chance for our two other group members to know about Chinese culture. On that day, we watched traditional Chinese performances such as poetry reading, zither, chorus, and Chinese dance. After that, we were thinking to have Chinese food as our dinner. However, we did not know any good Chinese restaurant at that time. So we went to one of the group member’s apartment and cook by ourself there. What we made was a really simple Chinese meal. We made the meal together and that was really interesting. At the end of the day, we went to an Irish bar. At there they had really amazing reggae music. We also played card games there. 

I learned German and Spanish culture on that day also. And I also studied some basic grammar rules for both languages


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