5th meeting – FIN/ENG – Final meeting

Thursday 21st of November

Today we had our final meeting where we talked more about differences and similarities in Dutch, Scottish and Finnish culture. Hollie showed some videos from walking trails that you can do in Scotland, those looked really cool and adventurous. Matti told us about his exciting travel adventures, it was really exciting to hear about his story where he just went to the airport and got on the first available flight. 

We also worked on our triggers today, it was very hard to pronounce sentences in Finnish and I hope it wasn’t too cringy for Matti and other people that might have overheard our conversation. Actually I learned quite a lot from those triggers, sometimes I used a different version of the word, and then Matti told me which conjunction I should use. I especially liked the ‘where do you come from’ trigger, it was fun to learn some words that have something to do with Dutch culture like juusto (cheese), myllyt (mills) and tulppaanit (tulips). And I also enjoyed seeing Hollies presentation about Scotland. 

EOTO has been a very nice experience! I did not only have some really fun meetings with Matti and Hollie, I learned quite much about Scottish and Finnish culture and even learned some Finnish too. We will probably meet again before we leave again and I will bring some Dutch snacks for them to try. 

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