Study Session (English – Finnish/ 4)

Things are starting to pick up at university as deadlines come closer. Following three adventurous meetings we had the great idea to meet at university to put our practical work to practice. This worked well as we were all in University studying anyway…This included us discussing the language trigger points in the objectives for our module requirements.

Matti had lots to say about countries that have forms of finnish in their language and we put this mainly down to mass population migration and the post war era. The Finnish verbs have lots of different forms as I had previously learnt in Basics of Finnish but Matti explained this further and gave more of a personalised tutor experience.

Something that i found very interesting was the variation in accents across all of our countries and Matti told us a very funny story about accents and their sometimes bad circumstances in Finland. This is a story that I am choosing to keep a secret…

We are looking forward to our next meeting to record our voice memos and our very “professional” conversations

I would have taken more pictures but we were so busy trying to understand the Finnish language!! It’s going to take a while…

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