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Our fourth meeting

Our fourth meeting was on 13th November. We were in the restaurant Oksa in Kaleva.

We talked about this course “Each one teach one”. We haven’t understood to some assignments.

We drunk tea and lemonade. We haven’t so much time at this time. It was nice to meet Natalie nevertheless.

We meet next time on 29th November.

Our third meeting

Our third meeting was on 24th October. We were at Natalie’s home. Natalie cooked us some flammkuchen. It was so delicious.

We talked about student exchange. We would want to go student exchange someday.

Our friend joined us and came with us to Kolmiot (student party). We met many other students and we had such a nice evening.

We meet next time on 13th November.

Our first meeting

Our first meeting was on 12th September in Kivenheitto. We drunk tea and discussed.

We talked about what we would want to learn and do together. We thought that we could go to Pyynikki Observation Tower next time.

We did our preliminary plan and sent it to our teacher.

After two hour we walked to school together. We meet next time on October 24th.

Fourth meeting: Time for study

This time we decided to concentrate fully on studying and started triggering. I mean those EOTO -course triggers, of course. We played some games and discussed about languages, accents etc. Also I was inspired to teach something I know about Fenno-Ugric languages and basics of finnish way of forming numbers – kaksi –> kaksikymmentä, for example.

No pictures this time, I was so concentrated to studying I forgot we need to write a report about it.

Winter is coming! (third meeting)


Autumn in Finland is mostly dark, cold and wet, so when temperature dropped below zero we decided to go for a walk in a forest. We started our walk after 4 p.m. when the sun was setting and after a while we were in total darkness. This was ‘just another day’ for me and I was a bit surprised how calmly our foreign guests took it. Well done, there is a potential to be finnish in you!

Still smiling!

Nobody got cold, lost, or injured, so I’ll declare this success.


5th meeting – FIN/ENG – Final meeting

Thursday 21st of November

Today we had our final meeting where we talked more about differences and similarities in Dutch, Scottish and Finnish culture. Hollie showed some videos from walking trails that you can do in Scotland, those looked really cool and adventurous. Matti told us about his exciting travel adventures, it was really exciting to hear about his story where he just went to the airport and got on the first available flight. 

We also worked on our triggers today, it was very hard to pronounce sentences in Finnish and I hope it wasn’t too cringy for Matti and other people that might have overheard our conversation. Actually I learned quite a lot from those triggers, sometimes I used a different version of the word, and then Matti told me which conjunction I should use. I especially liked the ‘where do you come from’ trigger, it was fun to learn some words that have something to do with Dutch culture like juusto (cheese), myllyt (mills) and tulppaanit (tulips). And I also enjoyed seeing Hollies presentation about Scotland. 

EOTO has been a very nice experience! I did not only have some really fun meetings with Matti and Hollie, I learned quite much about Scottish and Finnish culture and even learned some Finnish too. We will probably meet again before we leave again and I will bring some Dutch snacks for them to try. 

Bittersweet Goodbye (English – Finnish /5)

All good things come to an end, don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened!

I have had an absolutely great time with my group; learning, discovering and laughing. We have bonded over similarities and also laughed over stark differences. In our final meeting we completed the triggers and enjoyed some laughs with my terrible finnish accent.

Now that the work is over we will maybe meet again before we all leave for home. Finnish has helped us communicate and learn together. We will reunite at the christmas party!

Study Session (English – Finnish/ 4)

Things are starting to pick up at university as deadlines come closer. Following three adventurous meetings we had the great idea to meet at university to put our practical work to practice. This worked well as we were all in University studying anyway…This included us discussing the language trigger points in the objectives for our module requirements.

Matti had lots to say about countries that have forms of finnish in their language and we put this mainly down to mass population migration and the post war era. The Finnish verbs have lots of different forms as I had previously learnt in Basics of Finnish but Matti explained this further and gave more of a personalised tutor experience.

Something that i found very interesting was the variation in accents across all of our countries and Matti told us a very funny story about accents and their sometimes bad circumstances in Finland. This is a story that I am choosing to keep a secret…

We are looking forward to our next meeting to record our voice memos and our very “professional” conversations

I would have taken more pictures but we were so busy trying to understand the Finnish language!! It’s going to take a while…

Finnish-Chinese Meeting at Luckiefun’s

This time we went out to enjoy some Chinese food (and also food from other countries around Asia) at Luckiefun’s that Lu picked out for us. It was a great choice, the place was very beautiful and the food delicious. So delicious we pretty much had to roll out from there.

Even though we have some age difference it’s always interesting to found out our lives and the way we grew up is not so different after all. We spend quite a lot time discussing about social politics in here and in China, which was very intriguing.

We were supposed to take photos, but we were too busy chatting away and enjoying the food, that we kind of forgot.  I guess that tells how much fun we had!


4th meeting (ENG/FIN) – Study time

After 3 very fun meetings where we did all kinds of fun activities, we thought it would be nice to meet up at the university today to work on the language. We used the trigger PowerPoints to get us started. We started off with some basic phrases like ‘Hello, how are you?’ (Moi, Mitä kuuluu?) and ‘What is your name?’ (Mikä sinun nimi on?) We introduced ourselves in Finnish and asked questions about age, studies and where we live. Matti taught me how you could leave ‘sinä’ out of the sentence ‘Mitä (sinä) opiskelet’ (what do you study), when you are in a conversation with somebody. Sinä, which means you, isn’t really necessary to use here because you are already talking to somebody. But when you are for example introducing yourself before you are giving a presentation, you should use it. 

We then continued with some more ‘advanced’ stuff ( this isn’t really advanced but for me it is, Finnish is quite hard ). We talked about numbers and played some games. One of them was a memory game where we cut out some papers with numbers and Finnish words for those numbers on them. We then connected the right word with the right number. What I noticed is that those numbers are long and pretty hard to remember, for example, 8 is kahdeksan. They are nothing like the numbers I know in other languages. But when you want to say 20, 30, or 40, it’s easy to remember to just add ‘kymmentä’, so 80 would become ‘kahdeksankymmentä’. 

We also talked about different languages and accents, because Matti noticed that Hollie didn’t really have a strong Scottish accent. That’s because she is using her ‘phone voice’ here (I thought that was very well described) and she is also talking slower than when she would talk with people from home. We then discussed the Finno-Ugric languages, this is a grouping of languages in the Uralic language family. The three most spoken Uralic languages are Hungarian, Estonian and Finnish. It was a very useful meeting where I’ve learned a lot about the language.