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Fifth meeting before Christmas.

This time, we tried something really Finnish! !

We went to Christmas Market. Also, it was my first time to go to Christmas Market this year. It was a pretty nice experience because I just finished all my exams and it helped me relax as well. It was a really beautiful market and full of handicrafts and all kinds of hand-made stuff.  As we went in the morning, not so many people there. It was amazing to see all the goods and the most surprising one is Santa Claus, who was riding a bike on a rope. And we were interested in this. It was not a big market but really amazing and wonderful. Chinese-Finnish meeting

Fourth meeting about trigger

We had the fourth meeting about the trigger on 27. Dec. It was a great chance to know each other further. As both of us are at the real beginning,  we started with basic users.

we studied three chapters: relationship, working life and countries, and cities. In general, we asked each other questions from the instruction and shared the answer in our own language. I really found it difficult to learn a language with several meetings and it was really interesting to know there are many differences in our cultures and people’s lifestyle. like the way how people address others and different transportations in our own hometown. In addition, it was kind of surprising to know that Jenni’s dream was to become a marine biologist. And we shared our favorite spot in our own hometown and introduced them. I found it wonderful as we really have many different habits and it helped me learn Finnish as well. I felt more interested in cultural differences and language.

German- Korean : Fifth meeting – Last meeting

Group: Jeongmin Kang, Clemens Ebeling, Rosa Koch

For our last meeting, I had some cookies left from a birthday party the day earlier. I made Vanillekipferl which are German Vanillin Christmas cookies. We ate those and talked about the other Triggers and about the course in general. I had a lot of fun meeting the others and also trying out some more baking because I haven’t done much of that before coming to Finland. I think I will definitely try to learn some more Korean next year. I learned so much the past for months and I am always pretty proud when I can read the Korean but I still don’t know what the word means yet.

German – Korean : Second meeting – Spicy Chickpea

Group: Jeongmin Kang, Clemens Ebeling, Rosa Koch

For our second meeting, we decided to cook something while we start to discuss the triggers. I found a recipe for a chickpea vegetable rice online which after eating we realized isn’t traditionally Korean food but we used what we had and it was delicious. While cutting and preparing the vegetables, we talked about culture differences in food. We translated each vegetables to our mother tongue which is always fun in my opinion. Then we started with the beginners Trigger. 

German – Korean : First meeting – Apple Pie Time

Group: Jeongmin Kang, Clemens Ebeling, Rosa Koch

For our first meeting, we decided to learn the Korean and German Alphabet and baked a vegan Apple Pie. Because the Korean alphabet is so different from the latin alphabet, we started simple with the letters. Min showed us the letters and then started a game for Clemens in which she wrote down words and he had to find letters in it. Meanwhile, because I already knew how to read, I began with the dough for the apple pie. We also prepared a similar game for Min in which she had to try to read out loud some longer German words for us. And soon the apple pie was finished and eaten by us. It was a successful first meeting with language practice swell as delicious food.

Chinese-German 5th

13th December 2019

Today is our last meeting. It is really a good language exchange experience in this semester. The topic for the last meeting is public transportation including the different words and phrases.

Here are some of the words and phrases:

train—Zug/Bahn                   airplane—Flugzeug

ferry—Fähre                            bicycle—Fahrrad

port—Hafen                            taxi—Taxi

car—Auto                                scooter—Roller

My bus is late—-Mein bus ist verspätet

I bought a ticket—Ich kaufte ein Ticket


Chinese-German 4th

16 November 2019

This is our 4th meeting and we met in the Pella’s Cafe. The topic is to learn how to express the spending. We learnt how to say ‘I paid xxx euro’ , ‘I spent xxx euro’ and the other expression for the same meaning. By the way, the cake is really good.

Fifth meeting _hotpot

Date: 14.12.2019

time: 12:00-15:00

Address: siping’s home


Because we have already tried Monika ’s hometown traditional food,  so this time we chose Chinese traditional food -hotpot.

Monika couldn’t eat so spicy food,  so this time we ate the hotpot not so spicy. Inside including beef, goat meat,  vegetables and so on, for Chinese it’s delicious food,  also for Monika it’s good. We were very happy that Monika like to eat hotpot. And we talked about Chinese and Bulgarian cuisine.