Forth meeting- espresso +shoes store +secondhand shop+Christmas market

date: 30.11

time: 11:00-13:00      Two hours

place: espresso +shoes store +secondhand shop+Christmas market

This time we chose the coffee store-espresso (inside the stockman). We drink the coffee and we have a small talk with each other, about our exam, about our class and so on.  And during our tropic was goods prices in Finland, we thought Finnish goods prices were a little higher than our country, when talking about shoes Monika said she know somewhere the shoes were not expensive, so we went to the shoes shop next step.

Also the shoe shop are cheaper especially during “Black Friday”.  In there Siping have bought a shoe, I also want to buy but they don’t have my size. But I am so lucky for I know this place from Monika. Also Christmas market so busy and some food have good smell.

A good day!




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