Third meeting-Monika’s home

Date: 15.11

time: 13:30-15:30              2 hours

Place: Monika’s home

Today we plan to try Monika hometown transitional food, I will put the picture in this blog, because it’s very good food. However, my picture is not show the good taste for you, I promise it’s a delicious food.

I also take the picture for tree( not a real tree) near the table, Monika said it’s designed by her roommate, because her roommate have been stayed in China so the tree have enough Chinese style and Chinese words-春.

We have talked different high school education between China and Bulgaria. When Monika hear that our class begin at 7 am and finished at 10pm ( really true, because my province schools class time start at 5:30, different provinces have different time). They start at 10 am (I am remember not so clear) and finished at about 1pm. Chinese high school give high pressure to students, but European students are more free in their daily live, I love that.

Also we ate bread ( Monika cooked) and drink the flowers  tea ( Monika took it from Bulgaria), it tasted perfect. So perfect experience.I also thanks for treatment from Monika.

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