1st FIN-GER meeting // Get to know each other

Our group met for the first time on September 12th at the Space Bowling and Billiard Bar in Tampere under the motto of “Get to know each other”. We that are Santeri who is from Finland, Sophie who is from Germany and I (Friederike) also from Germany. Our motivation for the EOTO course is quite the same. Sophie and I took it because we are on an exchange now in Finland and want to experience the Finnish culture beside university. For Santeri it’s the same with the German culture because he will go there for an exchange in 2020.

Before we started playing Billard we ordered a beer and learned it in both languages as you can see below. Furthermore we used the Billard game for teaching/learning the colours.

It was a very nice start into our EOTO meetings.

  • Minä haluaisin yhden kaljan = Ich möchte ein Bier haben
  • Informal: yksi kalja = Ein Bier
  • Sinun vuorosi = Du bist dran
  • Gelb = keltainen
  • Blau = sininen
  • Grün = vihreä
  • Rot = punainen
  • Schwarz = musta
  • Lila = liila
  • Orange = oranssi
  • Verlierer = häviäjä


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