2nd FIN-GER meeting // German Dinner

Our 2nd meeting took place in Sophie’s student housing and we met for a 3 course German menu. But before we started to cook we went to a supermarket and explained the ingredients to Santeri. He also told us the Finnish word for the ingredient (see below). It was funny for us to see whether he knows a comparable use for the ingredients in Finland or not.

As a starter we ate a ‘Rinderkraftbrühe’ which is a soup with beef and vegetables. Because of the long cooking time, I prepared this the day before. After that we ate ‘Spätzle mit  Geschnetzeltem’. This are noodles with a chicken and mushroom cream sauce. We enjoyed preparing the main course together. As a dessert we prepared a ‘Schwarzwälderkirschtorte’ but not as a cake like typical in Germay, we offered it as a layered dessert in a glass.


On that day we taught a lot of food and kitchen vocabulary to Santeri and I’m looking now forward to the Finnish Dinner where we get an introduction into the Finnish cuisine.

  • Obst und Gemüse – hedelmät ja vihannekset
  • Hähnchen – kana
  • Schlagsahne – ruokakerma
  • Frischkäse – raejuusto
  • Blauschimmelkäse – sinihomejuusto
  • Butter – voi
  • Mehl – jauhot
  • Kaugummi – purukumi
  • Blumenkohl – kukkakaali
  • Speisestärke – tärkkelys
  • Schere – sakset
  • Ofen – uuni
  • Guten Appetit – hyvää ruokahalua
  • Pfannenwender – (pannunkääntäjä) lasta

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