3rd FIN-GER meeting // Going out into the nature

Santeri invited us to spend two days of our autumn break at the mökit of his girlfriend’s parents. It is a lovely and cosy cabin at a lake approximately 2 hours away from Tampere.

The Cabin is built on a hill and consist out of a main cabin and some smaller cabins which are connected by stairs. There is a cooking cabin, a sauna, a wood storage, a toilet cabin and a guest cabin. No fluent water and only a bit electricity from a solar panel.


We spent the days with chopping wood, making fire for heating and cooking, going to sauna, cooking salmon and potatoes on fire, talking and playing cards. Sitting around the fire we talked about sauna, autumn, drinking behaviours and listen to the famous Finnish band JVG (some learned words could be found below).


Like this we experienced the Finnish mökit livestyle on a very realistic way.

  • Drinking alone at home – kalsarikännit
  • Nap after drinking – välikuolema
  • Cheapest vine – kyykkyviini
  • Autumn colours- ruska
  • The oven on top of which the stones are where you throw the water – kiuas
  • Hör auf du Trottel! – turpa kiinni, idiootti

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