4th FIN-GER meeting // Finnish Dinner

On November 6th 2019 we had our 4th meeting at Santeri’s place. He invited us to a Finnish dinner with again three courses. This time we didn’t went to a supermarket but Santeri instead prepared a German translation of the receipts for us. Furthermore he prepared the whole dinner before so that we just had to enjoy the dinner. Thanks a lot Santeri 😉

The menu started with some Finnish bread cheese with arctic berries which tasted a bit like halloumi cheese. After that we ate the creamy salmon soup and karelian pies with egg-butter. The combination of karelian pies and egg-butter was new for me and gave it a very nice taste. After that he served a warm blueberry tarte with vanilla ice cream which was a good end for this evening.


This second dinner was a nice way to learn some Finnish receipts and with this receipts some food words.

  • Leipäjuusto lakkahillon kanssa – finnish cheese with arctic berries
  • karjalanpiirakka munavoin kanssa – Karelian pie with egg-butter
  • kermainen lohikeitto – creamy salmon soup
  • mustikkapiirakka vaniljajäätelön kanssa – blueberry tarte with vanilla ice cream

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