5th FIN-GER meeting // Christmas Evening

For our 5th meeting we again met at Santeri’s place which his girlfriend already prepared very christmasy. This fits very great to our Christmas motto of the evening. Everybody of our group prepared some traditional Christmas cookies or small sweets which are typical for this season.

Of course Santeri prepared some Glöggi for us and we sat around the table with the sweets and ate the whole evening. We talked about how we spend Christmas and what are Christmas traditional films. That’s why we watched Lumiukko as a Finnisch Christmas movie and for a German version we decided not to watch them because they are too long. But for a short version we came up with the German movie we watch always at New Year’s Eve ‘Dinner for One’.

During this meeting we learned a lot about each other’s personal Christmas traditions and some typical words. Furthermore this was a cosy completion of our EOTO meetings and due to the date end of November a good start into the Christmas time.

Finnish words:

  • Lumiukko – The Snowman (Christmas Movie)
  • Joulutorttu – Leave Dough with plum Marmelade
  • Pipari – Ginger bread

German words:

  • Vanillekipferl – Cookies with powder- and vanilla-sugar
  • Gebrannte Mandeln – roasted almonds
  • Lebkuchen – Ginger bread

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