Second Meeting AT-DE-ES

For the second meeting we thought about making some desserts , so this time we met at Janas place where she teached  Ole and me how to do the original Austrian Apfelstrudel . It was super funny and i didn’t expect to be so professional , i  would like to show to my friends back in spain .

Also we didn’t want to focus on the food only so we tried to teach different music from our home countries and trying  to improve the pronunciation and talks . Most of them we tried to have like easy lyrics ,with an increasing level of difficulty after each one . In Janna’s apartement there were also some austrian friends , so after a while and those weeks , i think i improved my listening and vocabulary .

After finishing in Jana’s place , Ole and me continued the session cooking paella , with a session more focus on Spanish . Trying to teach each other the different furniture , food …

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