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Russian-German fifth meeting

For the fifth meeting, we decided to cook and to do the last – third trigger. While we have done triggers I also started to cook as I am a pretty multitasking person. My family members really love cooking, so that is why we talked about what we cook and for me, it was quite scary to instruct someone and most of the time, we were doing something together. I am not used to working in a kitchen with someone and it was a useful experience, I think, for both of us.

Russian-German fourth meeting

As I love cooking for me it was easy to speak about food, so that is why for our fourth meeting we went to the k-market and besides being some food to cook the next day we talked about common food in our cultures. Despite the fact we went to a pretty small grocery store we managed to find all the products and gave them translation to Russian and German. It was ridiculous. As I was complaining a lot to the fact that in Finland food is much more expensive as in my home country David agreed, but I am still complaining about this fact.

Russian-German Second meeting

We met on the 26th of October, so it was our second meeting. We spoke about David’s trip to Russia and all that happened during it. Our main topic was cultural diversity in Russia and Germany. We completed one trigger by drawing a mind-map describing out cities in the target languages. We talked about our home cities and looked-through them on the map.
David wrote words in Russian using Cyrillic and I was surprised by his ability to pronounce words without an accent and we made a conclusion that it is because of similarities in Russian and German language pronunciation. I tried to remember some words in German from the time I studied it in school, but I failed.

CHI-GER 5th Meeting

On this day of meeting, we are working on the third and final trigger. We had decide to be working on the “open trigger” and the topic chosen are transportation. We are required to collect at least 50 words which are a little bit overwhelmed at first but sooner and later it gets better and easier.

Here are some of the word and phrases I had learn in German:

My bus is late. Mein Bus ist verspätet.
I bought a ticket. Ich kaufte ein Ticket.
I have a suitecase and a backpack. Ich habe einen Koffer und einen Rücksack.
My Bus/xx goes at 11:00 Mein Bus/xx fährt um 11:00 (los).
My flight takes 3 hours. Mein Flug dauert 3 Stunden.


Russian-German First Meeting

The first meeting of the Russian-German group was on the 10th of October and we met in the TAMK library. The first meeting was set to get to know each other and set our goals for the course. WE talked about first impressions of Tampere and what we have done before going on exchange. We talked about our home countries and background in general.

After all of the talks, we started to learn about the Russian language because it has a different alphabet, so I tried to explain the way Cyrillic work and how to remember in. Also, David supposed to go on a trip to Russia between our meetings, so I was also excited about his future experience.

German-Korean 5th Meeting

Our Group : Rosa, Clements and Jeongmin

We gathered for the last time for triggers. But Rosa brought some vanillekipferl which is one kind of German cookies. It looks like a half moon. like this:

I really love sweets so it was so happy to taste that. Especially, I could taste German things and even my friend made it so I felt so happy. On this day, we talked about what we learned, the cultural differences that we felt. I felt little bit sad that we can’t meet each other again.

German-Korean 4th Meeting

We did Christmas party in Tamko group!!We made ginger cookies, and some kind of pastry and especially, pastry was really good. One thing I wonder is that how every people knows how to make shapes of the pastry except me. I had to learn from Clements. I felt I learned something that I didn’t know and I actually want to try it when I go back to Korea


Also I met other German friends. I couldn’t talk about their culture that much but still they were really nice and I had a great time there.

German-Korean 3rd Meeting

It was a Christmas season and Rosa had an idea about German christmas cookies!!It was so nice. However, we couldn’t just play all day so we did triggers. As I expected, German pronunciation was so hard especially the ㅎ sound. For example, ‘trinken’. I didn’t wanted to make a harsh harsh sound but I had to because otherwise I couldn’t make a sound. But regardless of those hardness I really enjoyed learning it.

German-Korean 2nd Meeting

Today, I wanted to challenge them a Korean spicy food!!!

Korea is famous for spicy food even if I’m not good at it. Therefore we decided to make some Korean fried rice with vegetables. We used sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce, and red chili paste!

Rosa and Clements liked it but for Clements it was little bit spicy so maybe next time I should put less spice in it.It was a fun day.

5th Meeting Korea – Japan

Date: 13.12.2019

Time: 11:00 – 14:00

Place: Ppippi’s house

Today was the final meeting of Each One Teach One course with Ppippi and Haruno.

Christmas is coming soon so we cooked lasagna. Actually, it is not a Christmas dish in Japan but I could feel and enjoy a good atmosphere of  Christmas. I felt a bit sad since this might  be the last time we meet, cook, talk, and teach together.

This time, we used mushrooms instead of the meat and that was so delicious.

Also, Ppippi made a Christmas cake with Netherlands’ bread and chocolate cream for us ! That was so nice.

While enjoying the meals, we talked about our culture. We could exchange our opinions so that was awesome. We enjoyed the last meeting so much.

This course was  good experience for me. We could learn not only about each other’s culture and languages, but also about way of thinkings.

After finishing this course, I will keep learning Korean and I hope we could meet again someday.

Thanks for the lovely meetings.