Second Meeting

Hallo! Hei!

For our second meeting, we decided to go to Le Momento in Ratina. Our plan for this day was to talk about food in Germany and in Finland. But before we got to order our own food Tessa and I had to face the difficulty of a Finnish menu. We already knew view dishes in Finnish and Ninni helped us with the rest.

We talked about the differences in restaurants. For example, self-service is very common in Finland whereas in Germany it is used only in cheaper places. Also, that water is free in restaurants was new to Tessa and me.

After having finished our meals we went (like real fins would do it) for ice cream. Tessa and I were quite surprised by the big selection. But after Ninni told us that Fins are eating the most ice cream of all European countries it does not seem so surprising anymore!

For our next meeting, we want to play Monopoly. Let’s see maybe what we can learn from this!

Tschüß!Hei Hei!




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