Chinese and Cypriot Cultures First Meeting!!!

In our first awesome meeting we had the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and to share information for Cypriot Culture as well. The meeting took place on Monday 10th of February, at the Tamk cafeteria.

Our Chinese friend and teacher Zonghang – call him King; and his invited friends, they talked about the traditional Festivals, but they described the Spring Festival more which is their grandest one with a 7-day long holiday, every year usually between January 21st and February 20th.  The dates are around the Chinese solar term the “Beginning of Spring”, that is why it is called Spring Festival.

Moreover, our Chinese friends shared three “Must” destinations which are Shanghai, Beijing and Cheng Du and then, we have talked about their Traditional food. They showed to us many pictures of their delicious food, referring that with every dish there is also rice accompaniment. Additionally, they reassured that not everyone in China eats dogs, cats, snakes and insects but only a small group of people in South China. On the other hand, there are some Chinese who loves a specific type of bug that is “cicada”. Lastly, they have explained about the 56 Dynastic ethnic groups, showing to us pictures!

The Cypriot team, we found it wise to show Cyprus in the map, since it is a beautiful island in Mediterranean Sea, which unfortunately is not so famous, although it is a tourist destination and there are amazing places to visit because it is a combination of sea, mountains and a shiny sun, almost all year round. Talking about Cyprus traditional food was a pleasure, since there is none, local or tourist, who can forget the rich super flavours of our cuisine. We love Food!! For instance, “souvla”, “ofton kleftiko”, “koupepia”, special recipe of oven pasta etc.

Lastly, I believe that both groups we have enjoyed this interesting meeting!

Thank you everyone! 🙂

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