Second Chinese and Cypriot Meeting!

Nǐ hǎo!   你好

The second meeting was about learning the Chinese characters, Pinyin and the pronunciation which I found it both attractive but a bit difficult to learn.  There are different ways to tone the words and is like singing, because your voice should go from low to high, high to low, high to low and high again or flat voice, depending on the symbol they have above them. Please see an example below:

Furthermore, we have learned the numbers and how to draw them, phrases like “I am Maria” which my name is called “ Maliya” in Mandarin language and also words like “people” which is pronounced “yen”= 人. I found a funny song with Chinese numbers, easy to remember, check this out in the link.

To sum up, it is an awesome experience learning Mandarin from Chinese people who know best! Of course, practice makes perfect! 🙂

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