First Meeting—Chinese and Cypriot

In our first meeting, we just get straight to the point –Numbers. The meeting took place on the 22nd of February, at the Espresso House café.

At the beginning of the meeting, Hao Xi and I taught the basic rules of number, which are good for foreigners to master the Numbers apace. Base on the rules, we spend about one hour helping our Cypriot friend Natalia to learn them, eventually, she can write, pronounce and spell the Numbers from 1-999 in Chinese. In the process of teaching Numbers, we also taught her the four tones of Chines so that she can pronounce them more accurately.

Moreover, we asked Natalia some slang expression questions we met in daily life, which really confused us. For example, the expression ” shit hits the fan “ means somebody is getting in big trouble. “my life is derailed” means someone’s routine life was stopped by sudden some troubles.

To summarize, it is an amazing experience teaching Chinese to a foreigner who wants to know more about China.

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