Second Finnish- German meeting


Met with Sophie today for a coffee at the Puisto cafe for our second meeting of Each One Teach One. 

We had a talk about how to say useful daily phrases and also phrases about birthdays and holidays. Such as how to say ”happy birthday” in Finnish and in German ”Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag”.

As for me my German pronunciation is very horrible, we focused on really how to pronounce words correctly. Sophie already has pretty good pronunciation in Finnish but we practiced that a bit more with new words and phrases (e.g ”Hyvää pääsisäistä!”).

We set a date for our next meeting and some plans for our future meetings. The goal is to cook traditional Finnish cuisine for example poronkäristys and perunamuussi and also some traditional German cuisine. I also want to show Sophie the student parties that are not only meant for exchange students, so we practiced few phrases that could be used in the student party also. 




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