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Online Meeting Chinese-English (5)

Last Friday, 27th of March, we made our fifth online meeting and we decided that we were going to focus on English in this session, in order to improve Kings’ English skills. We decided that each one of us should describe one of their favorite movie or episode in English, the plot of it and our favorite part.  Afterwards, one of the members of the team discovered one application that provided us with exercises on English and conversations that we could use to practice. Maria, King and Panagiotis were acting on the conversations on English and i was helping them understand any unknown words that they might had during this procedure. The whole scenario exercise was a lot of fun for the whole team, and i am sure that all of the team members had fun during this.

Online meeting Chinese-English (4)

Due to the unfortunate events that are happening these days, we as a team, decided to continue our learning journey through online meetings on Zoom.
On our first meeting we decided to learn some of the daily basic phrases that we might find useful to use in a conversation. Through the meeting we also developed an imaginary conversation and try to use what we have learned so far. Some of the sentences that we learned was:
Nihaoma? (How are you?)
Nin gui xing? (What is your family name?)-> Wo shi Athina (My name is Athina)
Ni shin a li ren? ( Where are you from?) -> Wo shi sai pu lu si ren.  (I am from Cyprus.)
Ni shi shen me zhuan ye de? (What do you study?)

Wandering in Supermarket English-Chinese

For our third meeting we decided to visit a supermarket and see some products, learn how they are in Chinese and help King learn them in English. It was a more practical meeting and concept and we wanted to learn as much as we could from our daily products that we use.  The Cypriot team we were dedicated to help our friend King to learn how some products are read in English and he got the chance of learning some new products that we use in Europe and the way we use them. Therefore, he introduced us the products in Chinese and he also shared with us other ways of using the products that they use in China.
It was an enjoyable afternoon and i am sure that all of the members of the group, including me, we enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

4th meeting Chinese-English

Affected by the coronavirus epidemic, we choose to meet each other online. In our fourth meeting, Natalia and I were talked about 10 most common verbs in Chinese and the name of different kinds of western food like Check pea, Black Olives, Halloumi ( a type of cheese) and so on. The meeting was held online on the 22nd of March.

The meeting started with Chinese teaching, so I have listed the name and pinyin of all the 10 verbs, although they are 10 simple verbs, they can be used in almost all conversations, so I had to take a lot of time to explain them clearly and give as many examples as possible to help her understand. Fortunately, I can share my screen to show what I want to display which is made the teaching much easier.

After that, Natalia introduced me to the most common foods in her country and what ingredients and steps are needed to make them. Also, we discussed some slangs in English like ”you guys rock” which means well done, that is really amazing and interesting for me.

To summarize, it is an amazing meeting and I have learned a lot of interesting information.

Learning the Chinese pronunciation,

During our second meeting, we decided that it was time to start learning a little bit more about the Chinese language.  We decided that we wanted to start with the basic things that a child needs to know in order to form a correct sentence and words. We analysed the alphabet and the way that we must pronounce them and then we tried to connect some of them into syllabus.
Therefore, we learned that there are 4 different ways of intonation and the way we need to say it. The vowel has a different symbol on the top part for each one of the four ways. This is a very important aspect of Chinese language, because a wrong intonation will change the meaning of the word or the whole sentence.
We then continue and learn the number, firstly the basic 10 numbers from 0 to 9, and then the way that we can mix them to make the rest of the numbers. This was one of the difficult parts, because we needed to remember the way that each number might be combined with the other in order to say the correct one.
Lastly, we attempted to form simple sentences, use the things that we already learned. Also we tried to introduce ourselves in the simplest way, by only saying ‘My name is…’
Here are some photos of what we learned that day.

5th Meeting Finnish-German

Hi there!

We just finished our second online meeting. We didn’t play games as planned at the end of our last call but as everyone of us is home at the moment and we recognized that the day  is only scheduled by having  breakfast, lunch and dinner, Ninni shared a recipe for brownies with us. 🙂

first we translated it from Finnish to Englisch. This was quite easy for Christina and me as we talked about most of the ingredients in our Finnish class. So we knew what was needed and only had some difficulties with the process of making it. Then we translated it from the English one to the German. I guess we’ll try them pretty soon with the recipe in the language we want to learn – let’s hope they will be tasty….

Stay home and improve your cooking skills 😋😋😋


Fifth Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

On Friday, 27 of March we had our fifth online meeting, focusing on English Speaking. Starting with a description of a movie that we recently watched, such as the story of Edward Snowden or the Korean movie “Boys over flower” and then I and King read English conversations from the “English Speaking Practice” application.

The conversations were funnier than the movie’s descriptions, as we were reading while we were acting. Athina and Panagiotis were listening to myself and our friend King, correcting and showing pictures from Google when unknown or difficult words were arising.

Closing, the fifth meeting helped everyone to improve the English pronunciation and also, learning new vocabulary.

5th meeting Chinese- English


Yesterday we made our fifth meeting, which was an online meeting and we did some conversation in English about movies and series we watched recently. Each one of us told and explain the story and the content of the series or movie that he watched recently and we made a discussion about them. Furthermore, we proceed with an application in English to help our Chinese friend with speaking English in order to improve his level. Finally, it was a great chance to talk about something else except the most popular issue of the planet which is the Covid -19.

Hope all of you stay healthy and safe!!!


Sixth Finnish-German meeting

Hallo alle!

Today’s meeting was our first online meeting together with Sophie as Sophie flew home because the COVID-19. 

Our agenda for today was about the situation in the world, how the COVID-19 virus has changed our life and the impact in our daily routines. Not the happiest agenda, but very important as it is restricting our lives a lot today.

As I am originally from the Helsinki region the news about closing Uusimaa area was big as I am not able to get home because that for the next 3 weeks (let’s see if will be longer though).

As Sophie is now home in Germany she told about how they are reacting to this virus and also how people in the bigger cities are coping. Which I found very nice that in the bigger cities people are even able to order cocktails to home from restaurants (Yum!) and people are having online live parties from home. Germany has put on very strict regulations as they have over 43 thousand cases. They are fining people if they are not following the new regulations such as meeting only one person outside is allowed.

As for our studies this year we both believe that the university will not open anymore for this semester, as the Finnish government is thinking of continuing the remote work for school.

We both hope that all of you guys are staying safe and healthy!



6th meeting Finnish-German

Hei hei!


Due to the Corona pandemic, I flew home at the end of last week, so TT and I are continuing our meetings over FaceTime now.

Today we talked online. Of course the big topic is the COVID-19 virus. TT updated me on the situation in Finland, that the Uusimaa area is getting closed for 3 weeks and I have to say that I am glad I decided to come home, as now I wouldn’t even have that choice anymore as I couldn’t get to the airport anymore.

We also talked about the different consequences in Germany and in Finland. Obviously, because Germany has a lot more inhabitants than Finland and because there are a lot more Corona cases (in Germany there are over 40.000 as of yesterday while Finland still „only“ has around 1000 cases), the daily life looks quite different for us now.

I told TT about the new regulations here in Germany, that you are not allowed to meet more than one other person outside anymore and if you breach the regulations you have to pay high fines. In the worst case, if you organize parties with more than 10 people you can even go to prison. 

We both agreed that we think it is unlikely that the university will open up again after easter but we are both curious to see what happens.

We hope that all of you guys out there are safe!