Second Meeting—Chinese, Greek and Cypriot

Yia sas!

In our second meeting, Natalia, Katerina and I were talked about some daily dialogue in different situations and they also shared some funny things about Greece and Cyprus to me. The meeting took place at café Europa on the 7th of March.

At the beginning of the meeting, I taught them how to read and write weekdays and months in Chinese and with my help, they also summarized a rule which helps them to remember these words more easily.

Moreover, in the next part of the meeting, we discussed some amazing things which are about the most sought-after celebrities, songs and some must-try food in Greece and Cyprus. For example, one of the most popular songs in Cyprus and Greece is called ‘Bonita’, which is written by a Cypriot singer — Elefthesia, many people like this song, especially young people. In addition, they taught me how to greet people while sharing me typical traditional food in Greece and Cyprus, like ‘yia su’ means ‘hello’; ‘efxaristo’ means ‘thank you’.

To summarize, it is an amazing meeting and I have learned a lot of useful and interesting knowledge from it.

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