Fourth Finnish and German meeting


Yesterday (Saturday April 14th) we met at Sophies apartment to cook some German lentil soup which consisted of potatoes, carrots, leek, lentils, onions, vegetablebroth and sausages. 

While to soup was cooking we taught each other food vocabulary:

  • Potato = Kartoffel
  • Carrot = Karotte
  • Onion = Zwiebel
  • Lentil = Linsem
  • Leek = Porree
  • Cucumber = Gurke
  • Vegetable = Gemüser
  • Vegetable broth = Gemüsebrühe
  • Soup = Suppe
  • Fruit = Obst

The soup was very delicious and I believe I will be doing it again by myself. Guten Appetit!




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