5th meeting Finnish-German


Today, TT and I met to talk about Finnish and German music. First, I showed TT all the different genres and songs I like in German (which took some time as I listen to a lot of different German music).

The one German artist she already knew is Rammstein so I introduced her to German Schlager (Helene Fischer), Folk music (Santiano), Rap (Kontra K, SXTN), old Rock (Die Ärzte), Pop (Pur), older music my parents always listened to when I was younger (Udo Jürgens) and the songs I listen to at the moment (Alligatoah, Feine Sahne Fischfilet). We also briefly talked about what the songs are about.

She enjoyed at least some of the songs^^

Afterwards TT showed me some Finnish songs. I already knew some songs for example Levoton Tuhkimo by Dingo.

We started with songs that are originally English but translated to Finnish like Kalajoen Hiekat (California Dreamin’) and Oon voimissain (I will survive), then she showed me some songs that she likes to listen to (Matkustaja, Sata salamaa) and afterwards some Finnish Rap (JVG). We also listened to some female artists like Abreu and some older Finnish artists like Olavi Virta.

In my opinion Finnish sounds surprisingly good in songs which is why I put some of them to my Finnish playlist on Spotify. 🙂

This was a great meeting and we had a lot of fun talking about the content of the different songs and listening to the songs together.



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