Fifth Finnish German meeting


Today Sophie and I met at my apartment to listen and learn songs that we’ve been listening  now and when we were kids. 

Sophie played her favourite German artist when she was a child and now what artist she listens today.  We listened to different German songs from different genres, such as German punk Feine Sahne Fischfilet which has a more political view in their songs. We also listened to rap: rapper Kontra K (Blei) and Bonez MC (Ohne mein Team), pop, rock etc. 

I played my favorite songs from my childhood and also what Finnish songs I listen now-a-days. Artist such as Mamba, Hurricanes, Olavi Uusivirta, Atomirotta etc. Sophie really started to like the Dingo’s song Levoton Tuhkimo.

Playing songs for each other really changed my mindset towards German music as almost the only German artist that I knew was Rammstein. I really enjoyed the rap  artist Bonez MC and Udo Jürgens which reminds me of the genres that usually I listen in other languages such as English, Finnish or Swedish. 

This meeting today with Sophie was a lot of fun as it was a ride through the memory lane in music. It was fun to listen to music that Sophie listened in her childhood and high school days. Shows how the taste of music changes with the growth. 

After this meeting, I might even start to listen to German music, you never know. 

Bis dann, 


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