3rd meeting Chinese-English

In our third meeting, Natalia and I were talked about how to speak year, various colours and family members in Chinese and different kinds of western festivals and we also discussed the situation of coronavirus in Tampere and how to protect ourselves. The meeting was held at café Europa on the 14th of March.

The meeting started with Chinese teaching, so I have listed the name and pinyin of all kinds of colours for her so that it easier to remember. I found I could guide her to discover the rules and connections behind it so that she can better understand and master while I was teaching. So, in the following time, I adopted that method and found that it is indeed more effective.

After that, Natalia tried to describe some most typical and popular western festivals for me, like Karnavalia Festival, Easter Holidays and Orthodox Christians Festival. During the process she told me when are these festivals, why do people celebrate them and how do they celebrate them.

To summarize, it is an amazing meeting and I have learned a lot of interesting information.

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