Fourth Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

A different but pleasant meeting took place today, 23/03/20 for a special lesson on Chinese. Our friend King was teaching the Cypriot team basic phrases in Chinese and we were also practicing English language for development. We had an imaginary case of a Chinese customer in Cyprus and we were the waitresses (= Fu wu yuan) in a restaurant. So when I go back to Cyprus and I have a Chinese customer I will try to have the following friendly conversation:

  • Me: Nihao! Nihaoma? – Hello! How are you?
  • C: Wo hen hao. – I am fine.
  • Me: Nin gui xing? – What is your last name? (Formal Question)
  • C: Wo shi King, ni ne? – I am King, you?
  • Me: Wo shi Maria. Hen gao xing ren shi ni. – I am Maria. Nice to meet you.
  • C: Ni shin a li ren? – Where are you from?
  • Me: Wo shi sai pu lu si ren. – I am from Cyprus.
  • C: Ni shi shen me zhuan ye de? – What do you study?
  • Me: Wo shi jingli. Wo shi da xue sheng. – I study management. I am college student.
  • The customer drinks his wine.
  • Me: Gan Bei!! – Cheers
  • 2 hours later….
  • C: Zai jian Maria!
  • Me: Bai bai!

Some Extra Info: Dui or Shi = Yes, Bu Dui or Bushi = No or Isn’t

Thank you so much for this lessons experiences!! 🙂

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