Fourth meeting finnish-german

Hallo, Moi and hello everyone!

Due to this whole situation we have unfortunately not been able to meet up in a while. Especially now that Christina and me decided to fly back home we agreed on continuing our meetings online. So today we had our first call via FaceTime and quite a lot to talk about….

First of all, we were curious about how everyone is doing, how the situation in Germany is compared to the one in Finland and how we get along with our studies being completely online now! Main part were our Languages classes – Christina and me will have Finnish class now via zoom and Ninni’s German class will be as well. We agreed that, this way, it is harder to get familiar with a language, so unfamiliar to us but also that it is funny in a way how it works. We exchanged some common phrases and threw in some words during our conversation that are rather special and probably not taught in a language course!

Eventually it was interesting to see how the Finnish/German society/culture reacts to such a scenario as well as culture in general in these times…

next time we plan on playing some online game together !

stay safe guys 🙂

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