6th meeting Finnish-German

Hei hei!


Due to the Corona pandemic, I flew home at the end of last week, so TT and I are continuing our meetings over FaceTime now.

Today we talked online. Of course the big topic is the COVID-19 virus. TT updated me on the situation in Finland, that the Uusimaa area is getting closed for 3 weeks and I have to say that I am glad I decided to come home, as now I wouldn’t even have that choice anymore as I couldn’t get to the airport anymore.

We also talked about the different consequences in Germany and in Finland. Obviously, because Germany has a lot more inhabitants than Finland and because there are a lot more Corona cases (in Germany there are over 40.000 as of yesterday while Finland still „only“ has around 1000 cases), the daily life looks quite different for us now.

I told TT about the new regulations here in Germany, that you are not allowed to meet more than one other person outside anymore and if you breach the regulations you have to pay high fines. In the worst case, if you organize parties with more than 10 people you can even go to prison. 

We both agreed that we think it is unlikely that the university will open up again after easter but we are both curious to see what happens.

We hope that all of you guys out there are safe! 




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