Sixth Finnish-German meeting

Hallo alle!

Today’s meeting was our first online meeting together with Sophie as Sophie flew home because the COVID-19. 

Our agenda for today was about the situation in the world, how the COVID-19 virus has changed our life and the impact in our daily routines. Not the happiest agenda, but very important as it is restricting our lives a lot today.

As I am originally from the Helsinki region the news about closing Uusimaa area was big as I am not able to get home because that for the next 3 weeks (let’s see if will be longer though).

As Sophie is now home in Germany she told about how they are reacting to this virus and also how people in the bigger cities are coping. Which I found very nice that in the bigger cities people are even able to order cocktails to home from restaurants (Yum!) and people are having online live parties from home. Germany has put on very strict regulations as they have over 43 thousand cases. They are fining people if they are not following the new regulations such as meeting only one person outside is allowed.

As for our studies this year we both believe that the university will not open anymore for this semester, as the Finnish government is thinking of continuing the remote work for school.

We both hope that all of you guys are staying safe and healthy!



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