Learning the Chinese pronunciation,

During our second meeting, we decided that it was time to start learning a little bit more about the Chinese language.  We decided that we wanted to start with the basic things that a child needs to know in order to form a correct sentence and words. We analysed the alphabet and the way that we must pronounce them and then we tried to connect some of them into syllabus.
Therefore, we learned that there are 4 different ways of intonation and the way we need to say it. The vowel has a different symbol on the top part for each one of the four ways. This is a very important aspect of Chinese language, because a wrong intonation will change the meaning of the word or the whole sentence.
We then continue and learn the number, firstly the basic 10 numbers from 0 to 9, and then the way that we can mix them to make the rest of the numbers. This was one of the difficult parts, because we needed to remember the way that each number might be combined with the other in order to say the correct one.
Lastly, we attempted to form simple sentences, use the things that we already learned. Also we tried to introduce ourselves in the simplest way, by only saying ‘My name is…’
Here are some photos of what we learned that day.

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