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4th meeting

Yesterday we had our first meeting in quite a long time. Due to the current situation this was held online also because Tessa and me decided to fly home to Germany.

We have been talking a lot about the virus, how it affects our school life and our private life. We told Ninni how significantly our lives had changed once we arrived in Germany. We are not allowed to see our friends, distant relatives or grandparents. Although the situation is bit more relaxed in Finland as Ninni told us also she is not supposed to go out that much anymore. We all agreed that not being in school nor meeting your friends face to face is quite hard and difficult to deal with. But we are also glad we have the possibility to still see us through FaceTime and exchange our thoughts and feelings. It’s nice to know you’re not alone!

It is quite difficult to practice and get used to a new language through online teaching or online meetings. Nevertheless we figured that our online finish and German classes work well and we just have to get used to those changes. We taught Ninni many different ways to say “I don‘t know“ in German. So in her next Zoom German class she can impress her teacher with some good answers even if she doesn’t know what’s going on 😉

We talked that maybe in the next meeting we can play Alias or some other games to learn some other words and also to just talk about the situation because that’s the main thing on our all minds right now.

Stay healthy and stay home!!

4th Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting


We changed our class online because of the unnormal situation in this Monday. It’s a new and funny way to study languages. I can share my screen and type some Chinese characters and pinyin, which is easy for me because I’m not good at handwriting although I studied Chinese characters from primary school. I taught them several basic sentences like “I am…”, ” My name is…”, “Nice to meet you.”. I think something I didn’t talk clearly and it should be improved. It’s an interesting experience in general.

Fourth meeting finnish-german

Hallo, Moi and hello everyone!

Due to this whole situation we have unfortunately not been able to meet up in a while. Especially now that Christina and me decided to fly back home we agreed on continuing our meetings online. So today we had our first call via FaceTime and quite a lot to talk about….

First of all, we were curious about how everyone is doing, how the situation in Germany is compared to the one in Finland and how we get along with our studies being completely online now! Main part were our Languages classes – Christina and me will have Finnish class now via zoom and Ninni’s German class will be as well. We agreed that, this way, it is harder to get familiar with a language, so unfamiliar to us but also that it is funny in a way how it works. We exchanged some common phrases and threw in some words during our conversation that are rather special and probably not taught in a language course!

Eventually it was interesting to see how the Finnish/German society/culture reacts to such a scenario as well as culture in general in these times…

next time we plan on playing some online game together !

stay safe guys 🙂

4th meeting- Chinese-English lessons

Yesterday, in 23/3/20, we had our 4th online meeting through a Zoom video with our Chinese friend. He teaches us how to introduce and how to tell basic information about ourselves in Chinese and we helped him practising English to improve his level. Furthermore, we learned to ask questions and how to make small conversation with a client in a hospitality department like a restaurant or a hotel. Adding to this, we had the opportunity to practise and apply our knowledge by discussing with our Chinese friend and making an imaginary case of a Chinese customer in Cyprus and we were the assistants in the restaurant. Taking everything into consideration, it was a very interesting meeting because it helps us for our future career by giving us the basic knowledge for future conversations.

Fourth Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

A different but pleasant meeting took place today, 23/03/20 for a special lesson on Chinese. Our friend King was teaching the Cypriot team basic phrases in Chinese and we were also practicing English language for development. We had an imaginary case of a Chinese customer in Cyprus and we were the waitresses (= Fu wu yuan) in a restaurant. So when I go back to Cyprus and I have a Chinese customer I will try to have the following friendly conversation:

  • Me: Nihao! Nihaoma? – Hello! How are you?
  • C: Wo hen hao. – I am fine.
  • Me: Nin gui xing? – What is your last name? (Formal Question)
  • C: Wo shi King, ni ne? – I am King, you?
  • Me: Wo shi Maria. Hen gao xing ren shi ni. – I am Maria. Nice to meet you.
  • C: Ni shin a li ren? – Where are you from?
  • Me: Wo shi sai pu lu si ren. – I am from Cyprus.
  • C: Ni shi shen me zhuan ye de? – What do you study?
  • Me: Wo shi jingli. Wo shi da xue sheng. – I study management. I am college student.
  • The customer drinks his wine.
  • Me: Gan Bei!! – Cheers
  • 2 hours later….
  • C: Zai jian Maria!
  • Me: Bai bai!

Some Extra Info: Dui or Shi = Yes, Bu Dui or Bushi = No or Isn’t

Thank you so much for this lessons experiences!! 🙂

3rd meeting Chinese-English

In our third meeting, Natalia and I were talked about how to speak year, various colours and family members in Chinese and different kinds of western festivals and we also discussed the situation of coronavirus in Tampere and how to protect ourselves. The meeting was held at café Europa on the 14th of March.

The meeting started with Chinese teaching, so I have listed the name and pinyin of all kinds of colours for her so that it easier to remember. I found I could guide her to discover the rules and connections behind it so that she can better understand and master while I was teaching. So, in the following time, I adopted that method and found that it is indeed more effective.

After that, Natalia tried to describe some most typical and popular western festivals for me, like Karnavalia Festival, Easter Holidays and Orthodox Christians Festival. During the process she told me when are these festivals, why do people celebrate them and how do they celebrate them.

To summarize, it is an amazing meeting and I have learned a lot of interesting information.

Spanish – Finnish 7th


Because of the situation going on we obviously couldn’t have a proper meeting so instead we had an online meeting. This time we went through everything we have learned previously just to see if we can remember them all. We did remember most of the words we have been learning but still need to go through them more often. We will be doing these video calls from now on and try to learn more new words.  this time i we weren’t able to take a picture .

Fifth Finnish German meeting


Today Sophie and I met at my apartment to listen and learn songs that we’ve been listening  now and when we were kids. 

Sophie played her favourite German artist when she was a child and now what artist she listens today.  We listened to different German songs from different genres, such as German punk Feine Sahne Fischfilet which has a more political view in their songs. We also listened to rap: rapper Kontra K (Blei) and Bonez MC (Ohne mein Team), pop, rock etc. 

I played my favorite songs from my childhood and also what Finnish songs I listen now-a-days. Artist such as Mamba, Hurricanes, Olavi Uusivirta, Atomirotta etc. Sophie really started to like the Dingo’s song Levoton Tuhkimo.

Playing songs for each other really changed my mindset towards German music as almost the only German artist that I knew was Rammstein. I really enjoyed the rap  artist Bonez MC and Udo Jürgens which reminds me of the genres that usually I listen in other languages such as English, Finnish or Swedish. 

This meeting today with Sophie was a lot of fun as it was a ride through the memory lane in music. It was fun to listen to music that Sophie listened in her childhood and high school days. Shows how the taste of music changes with the growth. 

After this meeting, I might even start to listen to German music, you never know. 

Bis dann, 


5th meeting Finnish-German


Today, TT and I met to talk about Finnish and German music. First, I showed TT all the different genres and songs I like in German (which took some time as I listen to a lot of different German music).

The one German artist she already knew is Rammstein so I introduced her to German Schlager (Helene Fischer), Folk music (Santiano), Rap (Kontra K, SXTN), old Rock (Die Ärzte), Pop (Pur), older music my parents always listened to when I was younger (Udo Jürgens) and the songs I listen to at the moment (Alligatoah, Feine Sahne Fischfilet). We also briefly talked about what the songs are about.

She enjoyed at least some of the songs^^

Afterwards TT showed me some Finnish songs. I already knew some songs for example Levoton Tuhkimo by Dingo.

We started with songs that are originally English but translated to Finnish like Kalajoen Hiekat (California Dreamin’) and Oon voimissain (I will survive), then she showed me some songs that she likes to listen to (Matkustaja, Sata salamaa) and afterwards some Finnish Rap (JVG). We also listened to some female artists like Abreu and some older Finnish artists like Olavi Virta.

In my opinion Finnish sounds surprisingly good in songs which is why I put some of them to my Finnish playlist on Spotify. 🙂

This was a great meeting and we had a lot of fun talking about the content of the different songs and listening to the songs together.



Third Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

The third meeting of our cross cultural teaching and learning was located at Ratina shopping mall, in Lidl on Thursday, 12th of March. The concept was totally more interactive than previous meetings that I enjoyed very much and I would like to thank my team of having fun while learning at the same time. Firstly, the Cypriot team were focused on speaking English, specifically conversation and products from the market with our friend King, who would like to practice on oral fluency. On the other hand, King was well responded and then he was sharing back the product name in Chinese, thus we were also be able to practice and listen to our new language. 🙂