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8th meeting Finnish-German

Hei Hei !!

Every week we are having now regular video calls to keep everyone updated about the situation in Germany and Finland. As I got back to Finland last week I told Ninni and Christina that it was actually pretty weird for me to go into the supermarket. I always thought that Finnish people really value their private space but now in times of corona the required distance of 1m was definitely not taken too serious. In Germany it is now even required to wear a mask in public places so I am really used to very strict regulations. Luckily, Ninni could help me out with a few phrases…. Tiedätkö mikä on hajurako? Voisitko siirtyä kauemmas? Onko Pakki Tula iholle?

  • Maybe I should really once make use of them if I see my private space in danger again… 😀

Apart from that we were talking about our favourite artists, listened to some songs during which Christina and me just got frustrated because we did not really understand a single finnish word – guess it can just get better !!


Bye guys, have a great Vappu and stay safe!

7th meeting(online) Chinese-English

Hi, there!

Considering the situation of the epidemic, we still choose to meet each other online. In our seventh meeting, Natalia and I were continued learning the rest of phrases that would be used in the hotel or restaurant. The meeting was held online on the 25th of April.

The remaining sentences and expressions are relatively flexible and complex, so it is a little bit difficult for Natalia to learn them. So, in order to make Natalia understand what I ’m talking about, I split up each expression into many single words and then use examples to make Natalia understand the meaning of every detached part. And finally, we worked out all the expressions.

To summarize, it is an amazing meeting and it puts me in a good mood as I really enjoy the teaching process.

5th meeting Romania-Russia



We decited this time to invite Yulia to our place again. We made her some brownies using my mother’s recipe and we  were glad to see that Yulia really liked it. Because we did not learn something new for a while, we had a recap to remember what we leaned before. We were surprise because Yulia remembered almost everything. With Russian it was easy to remember the words we have in common. We had a nice time again enjoying the present of each other after a long time. We are planning to have some online meeting soon.

5th meeting Romania-Russia

We decided this time to meet again at our place and invite Yulia. We talked again about our countries and the similarities that we have which surprisingly every time we talk about something related to our countries we find lost of them. We didn’t know exactly what to make but in the end we decided to make delicious brownies with chocolate which our moms make sometimes. It was very delicious and we used Finnish chocolate which gave a really sweet taste to it. Also we had to recap things we learned before so we can see what we remembered.

4th meeting Romania-Russia

Privet vsem!

For our 4th meeting, we decided to invite  Yulia to visit our home  so we can cook Romanian traditional food for her, in that way she would experience the taste of our country. We cooked for her some mamaliga, which is a dish made of corn flour . She told us that they have mamaliga in Russia too , but is not as popular as is it in our country.  My Romanian friend’s mother sent us some tradiitonal food made home by her.

Me and Ramona  prepared them for Yulia. We were very happy to see that Yulia enjoyed our food and that she was very excited about it.

We had the chance to talk more about our countires and our cultures and little by little we find out that Romania and Russia have some similar things.

10th meeting Finnish-German


Today, TT and I had our last meeting. If Covid-19 hadn’t happened, we would probably have gone out for some drinks but now that obviously didn’t work.

We had a recap of our last 9 meetings and talked about how we liked this class in general. We both agreed that we liked the cultural aspects the best as it was very interesting to see the differences and similarities in our cultures. The vocabulary parts were interesting as well but especially since I went home, I didn’t have the chance to speak Finnish anywhere else than in the meetings with TT which is why I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the cultural meetings.

We also talked about Vappu as we originally had plans to go out together. TT told me about the Vappu traditions (drinks, munkki…)  and who knows maybe I’ll come back to Finland next year to celebrate it myself.

Furthermore, we told each other how Corona effects our life right now and what restrictions are in place in Germany and Finland. Through that we got to the topic of the differences in our healthcare systems.

It was a nice last meeting, as we talked about a lot of different stuff and things that were on our minds.

Moikka, pysykää terveinä. (Bye, stay safe/ healthy.)


The final Finnish-German meeting


Today Sophie and I met for our last Each One Teach One-meeting. We decided for this final meeting to go through all of our last nine meetings to revise what we’ve learned. We also talked about how we’ve felt about this course: Sophie has really enjoyed this learning the language and especially culture, but feels like if she would have been here in Finland it would have come more in handy to learn all kinds of words in Finnish. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Sophie, especially about the German culture and some useful words that I might need when I travel to Germany.

We talked about Vappu as we were supposed to go out to celebrate it together but as the situation is what it is we couldn’t. I told Sophie what the Finnish Vappu is about and what are the usual traditions to do on first of May such as drink Sima and eat munkki or tippaleipä. We also were thinking if it is possible and fits in our schedule we’ll celebrate the Finnish student Vappu next year together here in Finland.

We also talked about the healthcare system in Finland and Germany, what similarities and differences we have in those. We went through how the system works and had a recap of what the situation with COVID-19 is now in both countries. We both hope that this would be soon over and hope that everyone of you stays safe and healthy. 

Bleibt gesund!



8th meeting


Hei there!

It became a nice routine to talk to the girls every week even though nothing has really changed. It is just nice to see Ninnis face and hear her answering “Ich weiß nicht“ to my question what she had been doing all day. Since school is getting to an end quite soon it is getting harder to find something to do, find something to talk about.

Actually, there has been a change: Tessa is now back in Finland. She was telling us how people in supermarkets were not keeping the required distance and how nobody seemed to care. Ninni helped her out by teaching us some more some less polite ways to tell somebody to just go away. (Really useful phrases for Fins anyways ;))

Tiedätkö mikä on hajurako?
Voisitko siirtyä kauemmas?
Onko Pakki Tula iholle?

Feel free to use them XD




We also talked about the many events that cancelled one of them being the famous Tampere Blockfest. This lead us to talking about our favourite artists. We realised that actually we are all interested in similar kind of music. Tessa taught Ninni about her favourite German artist seed. We have been listening to quite a few of their songs and tried to make Ninni teach a few lines so she could sing along. In return Ninni told us about her favourite Finnish artist Mouhous and made us listen to it and of course practice a few lines. It was quite interesting to learn those song lines since we actually have heard most of them already in the radio or bars but had never bothered to think about what they actually mean.
So we basically had our own virtual Blockfest XD

stay healthy!


hei hei!

6th meeting(online) Chinese-English


Considering the impact of the epidemic, we still choose to meet each other online. In our sixth meeting, Natalia and I were talked about the phrases that may be used in a hotel or restaurant. The meeting was held online on the 18th of April.

Because Natalia’s future employment is related to the hotel category, she wants to learn more expressions commonly used in hotels. As there are many sentences or phrases in it, I decided to start with the simplest one and go deeper step by step so that it is easier for Natalia to catch the key information.

To summarize, it is an amazing meeting and I am really into the teaching process, which brings me a lot of fun.

9th meeting Finnish-German



TT and I talked about the different words for different stores that you may need when wanting to make out a meeting point with someone. We also felt like these words are important when you travel in the respective country if you need to find a hotel (=hotelli), a doctor (lääkäri), a pharmacy (apteekki) or a supermarket (supermarketti).

We also talked about other places like restaurant (ravintola), library (kirjasto), club (klubi), church (kirkko), hospital (sairaala), cinema (elokuvateatteri) and university (yliopisto).

For me the Finnish word for university of applied sciences was especially hard to remember, just because it is so long: ammattikorkeakoulu!

Some of the words I already knew, partly because bus stations are named after it (f.ex. yliopisto) or in the case of ravintola because the cafeteria at TAMK is also named ravintola. Other words are similar to the English or German word like hotelli, pubi or baari, which makes it easy for me to remember.

All in all, these words can be very useful for us and I’m glad we talked about it.