5th meeting


Yesterday we had our second online meeting via FaceTime. I have to admit and we probably all feeling the same it is strange seeing your friends only virtually but I‘m also sure we will get used it to it! For Tessa and me it is the second week in quartine and we were talking that all of us have difficulties keeping up with our normal daily routine. We were joking that the only way to structure our day is the food. What to eat next, what to cook or bake later or when was actually the last time I ate and is it time to eat again??? 😉

Accordingly, the only way to keep us going is food. And what makes you happier than some delicious fresh-baked brownies. Luckily for you, Ninni shared her recipe for the best brownies with us and we spent our time translating it into German and English! Tessa and I had already learned some of the ingredients in language course and Ninni helped us out with the rest and vice versa. It was quite a lot of fun pronouncing all the stuff probably terribly wrong. 😉

Let’s see what we will come up with next time and in the meanwhile enjoy the brownies!!!



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