6th meeting



We just finished our third online meeting. It is actually quite nice to catch up with each other on a weekly basis and know that you’re not alone with all the mixed feelings!
While we were having our meeting Tessa baked the brownies according to the receipt Ninni shared last time and made us all quite jealous!!!

We started talking about the summer and how spring is finally here – at least here in Germany , Ninni told us that it has just been snowing in Tampere! But she also taught us that takkatalvi is actually a good sign and needed for spring to come! All of us are craving for summer and a time when we are allowed to go out again.
Ninni also taught us that terassikausi is the best part of the year. It is the time when restaurants are opening their porches and you can come and hang out with your friends there. At least we have something to look forward to!

Without actually being in the country is quite hard for Tessa and me to keep up with studying Finish so Ninni quizzed us with some easy words. Of course we could remembered the word irtokarkki and immediately missed them since unfortunately you can’t buy candies that way in supermarkets in Germany. 🙁
Let’s see what we will come up with for our next meeting!

Stay healthy and heipa!

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