Seventh Finnish-German meeting

Hallo, aus dem bewölkten Finnland!

We had our second FaceTime meeting the and seventh EOTO-meeitng with Sophie. We decided to learn weather and the Season vocabulary as the weather in Germany was Aprilwetter (going crazy).  I had no previous knowing of this vocabulary but Sophie remembered few words from her fall semester’s Finnish class. 

I learned probably my favourite word and sentence today by far, which was the word ”die Wolke” (cloud) and the sentence ”Es its bewölkt” (it is cloudy). The pronunciation and sound of the word and sentence was very funny for me so I think that is something that will stick with me forever.

You can see below the vocabulary what we went through today and learn some words in German: 

Season =  Jahreszeiten 

Spring = Frühling

Summer = Sommer

Fall = Herbst

Winter = Winter

The four seasons are = Die vier Jahreszeiten sind

Weather = Wetter

How’s the weather? =  Wie is das Wetter? 

Sun = die Sonne

Sunny weather = Es ist sonnig 

Rain = der Regen

Rainy weather = Es regnet

Cloud = die Wolke

Cloudy weather = Es is bewölkt — My favourite sentence by far

Snow = der Schnee

It is snowing = Es schneit

Wind = der Wind

It is windy = Es ist windig

Storm = der Sturm

It is stormy = Es ist stürmisch 

Warmth / heat = die Wärme / die Hitze

It’s warm / it’s hot = Es ist warm / Es ist heiß

I’m warm / I’m hot = Mir ist warm / Mir ist heiß

Cold = die Kälte

It’s cold = Es ist kalt

I’m cold = Mir ist kalt

Unstable weather = Aprilwetter



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