7th meeting

7th meeting

Hei there!

Just a few hours ago we had our 7th meeting. It has already been almost one moth without seeing, well seeing each other face to face and time has passed so fast. Still we cant wait for the time after Corona to come.
With all of my friends I have noticed the same change in conversations and discussions. After half an hour there is nothing left to talk about, all the conversations are circling around the same topics as usual and nobody has anything new to tell. What else then Corona related stuff is there to talk about anyways? It is getting frustrating to be inside most of the time, annoying not to be able to see your grandparents and other family members, not able to visit and hang out with your friends. I believe its getting on all our nerves but we just gotta hang in there a little while longer.
Luckily there is still other stuff to talk about also thanks to this course! Of course we talked about favourite topic: food. Shared new receipts and informed each other about our favourite Easter food! We told Ninni about the German Osterbrot, which translates to easterbread but is actually sweet. Tessa and me already knew about Mämmi but to be honest we don’t like it that much 😉 But we also talked about Vappu. Ninni told us that she and probably most Finns are really sad that they are not gonna be able to celebrate it this year. Ninni told us that the best part about Vappu is the getting together with family and friends and having a picnic. Tessa and me learned how to pronounce Tippaleipä which can be translated as funnel cake and is a typical pastry for the Vappu party. We were quite surprised that Tessa and me knew the pastery just under a different name and not connected to the first of May. We taught Ninni that tippaleipä is Schneeball in German. It doesn’t translate to funnel cake at all but simply means snowball. 😉 Ninni also told us about her favourite drink: Sima. A lemonade which is only served at the first of May (the Vappu Day).
Tessa and me told Ninni that also people in Germany celebrate the first of the May as a day for the workers. But people do not have special food or activities to do for that day and there are (sadly) no parties unlike the legendary Vappu parties Ninni told us about. XD
I am sure people will find creative ways to celebrate Vappu anyways! So just be creative try to bake your own tippaleipä. Good thing being is that there is still a lot of time to practice and improve your tippaleipä or Osterbrot baking skills 🙂

Until next week!

Stay save and hei hei!!


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