7th meeting Finnish-German

Hei everyone and Frohe Ostern – Hyvää pääsiäistä !!

Last Thursday we had our 4th online meeting and this time there was something really interesting to talk about besides the usual ‘corona-news’ – easter and Vappu (1st of May).

Usually this is a time spend with family and friends. From Ninni we learned different Finnish customs for easter. She told us about Mämmi, which Christina and me already tried one year ago and to be honest, none of us liked it a lot. We are still trying to figure out what exactly Finns see (rather taste) in it… 😉 Also in Germany easter is a big thing. On Good Friday (Karfreitag) the one before easter Sunday, people only eat fish and no meat on this day. Of course it is a religious custom so most of the germans still stick to it. On Easter Sunday, children are supposed to go and look for their easter nests, hidden in the garden or in the house – in my opinion really a nice custom no matter the age.

Ninni was really disappointed about Vappu this year. She told us that usually everyone is out on this day in Finland, meeting up and celebrating and she can not imagine to just stay home. We also have a public holiday on the 1st of May although here in Germany it is literally called ‘the day of work’ – der Tag der Arbeit’.

Interesting to see,  our cultures have quite a few public holidays in common, though it is celebrated very differently.

Have a nice easter holiday and stay safe everyone! 🙂

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