8th Finnish-German meeting

Frohe Ostern (Happy Easter), 

We both have very similar Easter traditions from the religious point of view as both of us are Christians but there are differences in traditions with our families. During Good Friday the shops are not open in German and clubs are closed, the Friday is a day which is for people to calm down. On Easter Saturday all over Germany bonfire are arranged, Easter Bonfire, the biggest bonfire at Sophie’s hometown is arragned by a restaurant near the lake. It’s usually a time to socialize, dance accompanied by a DJ, foods and drink. 

On Easter Sunday the tradition is to go to church at 5am, also families exchange presents such as easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and this year Sophie got a book as an Easter present and celebrate Easter with a nice Easter brunch. Easter Monday is time for relaxing and visiting relatives.



Picture of Easter Bonfire

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