9th Finnish-German meeting


On today’s meeting with Sophie we felt that it  would be useful and also important to understand places in Finnish and German so we went through basic place names. Such as pharmacy (Apotheke), Store (Geschäft), doctor’s office (Arzt), hospital (Krankenhaus). With the knowing these in the the other language you’re able to plan a meeting point with someone when you understand place names. We also went through words like university (Universität), UAS (Fachhochschule), the latter one was very hard for me as it has a lot of ”ch”, ”h”, ”sch” letters. 

For Sophie she already new few of the words such as University or restaurant from the time she lived in Finland, but it was good revision for spelling and pronunciation for her. Few of the words that we went through were very similar in spelling and pronunciation such as hotel (Hotel), bar (Bar), pub (Pub). 

With these words we both feel like we can travel in each others countries and understand the place names and maybe not get that lost. 



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