9th meeting Finnish-German



TT and I talked about the different words for different stores that you may need when wanting to make out a meeting point with someone. We also felt like these words are important when you travel in the respective country if you need to find a hotel (=hotelli), a doctor (lääkäri), a pharmacy (apteekki) or a supermarket (supermarketti).

We also talked about other places like restaurant (ravintola), library (kirjasto), club (klubi), church (kirkko), hospital (sairaala), cinema (elokuvateatteri) and university (yliopisto).

For me the Finnish word for university of applied sciences was especially hard to remember, just because it is so long: ammattikorkeakoulu!

Some of the words I already knew, partly because bus stations are named after it (f.ex. yliopisto) or in the case of ravintola because the cafeteria at TAMK is also named ravintola. Other words are similar to the English or German word like hotelli, pubi or baari, which makes it easy for me to remember.

All in all, these words can be very useful for us and I’m glad we talked about it.




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