10th meeting Finnish-German


Today, TT and I had our last meeting. If Covid-19 hadn’t happened, we would probably have gone out for some drinks but now that obviously didn’t work.

We had a recap of our last 9 meetings and talked about how we liked this class in general. We both agreed that we liked the cultural aspects the best as it was very interesting to see the differences and similarities in our cultures. The vocabulary parts were interesting as well but especially since I went home, I didn’t have the chance to speak Finnish anywhere else than in the meetings with TT which is why I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the cultural meetings.

We also talked about Vappu as we originally had plans to go out together. TT told me about the Vappu traditions (drinks, munkki…)  and who knows maybe I’ll come back to Finland next year to celebrate it myself.

Furthermore, we told each other how Corona effects our life right now and what restrictions are in place in Germany and Finland. Through that we got to the topic of the differences in our healthcare systems.

It was a nice last meeting, as we talked about a lot of different stuff and things that were on our minds.

Moikka, pysykää terveinä. (Bye, stay safe/ healthy.)


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