The final Finnish-German meeting


Today Sophie and I met for our last Each One Teach One-meeting. We decided for this final meeting to go through all of our last nine meetings to revise what we’ve learned. We also talked about how we’ve felt about this course: Sophie has really enjoyed this learning the language and especially culture, but feels like if she would have been here in Finland it would have come more in handy to learn all kinds of words in Finnish. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Sophie, especially about the German culture and some useful words that I might need when I travel to Germany.

We talked about Vappu as we were supposed to go out to celebrate it together but as the situation is what it is we couldn’t. I told Sophie what the Finnish Vappu is about and what are the usual traditions to do on first of May such as drink Sima and eat munkki or tippaleipä. We also were thinking if it is possible and fits in our schedule we’ll celebrate the Finnish student Vappu next year together here in Finland.

We also talked about the healthcare system in Finland and Germany, what similarities and differences we have in those. We went through how the system works and had a recap of what the situation with COVID-19 is now in both countries. We both hope that this would be soon over and hope that everyone of you stays safe and healthy. 

Bleibt gesund!



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