8th meeting Finnish-German

Hei Hei !!

Every week we are having now regular video calls to keep everyone updated about the situation in Germany and Finland. As I got back to Finland last week I told Ninni and Christina that it was actually pretty weird for me to go into the supermarket. I always thought that Finnish people really value their private space but now in times of corona the required distance of 1m was definitely not taken too serious. In Germany it is now even required to wear a mask in public places so I am really used to very strict regulations. Luckily, Ninni could help me out with a few phrases…. Tiedätkö mikä on hajurako? Voisitko siirtyä kauemmas? Onko Pakki Tula iholle?

  • Maybe I should really once make use of them if I see my private space in danger again… 😀

Apart from that we were talking about our favourite artists, listened to some songs during which Christina and me just got frustrated because we did not really understand a single finnish word – guess it can just get better !!


Bye guys, have a great Vappu and stay safe!

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