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4th meeting Spanish-Finnish


For our 4th meeting we gathered at TAMK premises right before the skiing holiday. During this meeting we were focusing on learning Spanish from some well known songs by translating them into English.

As a learning method translating songs was one of my favorite and really effective as well. During the song translations we were also able to jump deeper into the culture behind the songs as well which really brought a lot of value to the learning process.

Third meeting Spanish-Finnish


For our third meeting we gathered at the ABC for some coffee and Arnold´s. What we lacked on group members was fixed by the presence of one and only Diego(Fabians son). Having Diego with us at the lesson was a lot of fun and helpful learning wise as well, despite his young age he was able to talk three different languages which was really helpful when translating. Diego also taught us a song in Spanish as well.


First two meetings Spanish-Finnish


The first two meeting with the group was a lot of fun because all already knew each other so it was basically just having fun with friends. Although we did learn something as well, the main goals learning wise was to get some basic vocabulary (body parts and week days). I love the structure of the language so it made it really enjoyable to study and it stuck surprisingly quick!

a photo from after the lesson!

Last meeting

Our 10th and last meeting!!!

Few days ago we had our last each one teach one meeting. I cant believe how the just flew by. Our first meeting is still as fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday!

We started our meeting with a little flashback. Before Ninni, Tessa and me started our EachOneTeach meetings we barely knew each other but it is so nice to see that through this course we became close friends!

As we were having our meeting and the sun was shining on our faces we only had one topic for this very last meeting: S U M M E R☀️

Ninni told us everything about Juhannus in Finnland. She told us about endless summer nights at cottages far away from civilization but close to lakes  No need to mention that sauna is a must!
What really is special is the Juhannuskko – bonfire. This makes this long summer night even more fun.
Especially if you have some foreigners around and can try to teach them the fire tongue-twister – which Ninni made us say very fast. I can tell you that we were laughing and cursing at the same time 🤪

You can try it for yourselves: Kokoo koko kokko! Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko.
For those of you think that those words are all the same: I agree but this sentence those actually make sense to Fins and means: Assemle the bonfire! The whole bonfire? Yes, the whole bonfire!🔥

For the last time in this course the Finnish language has made us smile one more time.

It has been such a nice time so Ninni, Tessa and me decided to continue having weekly meetings to catch up and teach each other bits and pieces of German and Finnish.

Have a nice summer!🌞

1st Meeting Chinese-English

Our first meeting took place on 22nd of February in Espresso House Cafe.

At the beginning of the meeting, Siyuan Peng and Hao Xi taught me the basic rules for pronouncing correctly the numbers. Based on the rules, we spend about one hour learning how to write, pronounce and spell the Numbers from 1-999 in Chinese. In the process of learning the numbers, the boys taught me the four different tones of Chinese  in order to pronounce them more accurately.

Moreover, I teached the boys some daily spoken English slang expressions.


10th Meeting Chinese-English (Final)

Our final meeting took place online on the 9th of May.

In our final meeting, we have introduced the culture, beauty and food of our hometown to each other through the video we found on YouTube. During this meeting, we seemed to have travelled to two different cities at the same time in just 2 hours.

All in all, it was a nice last meeting, as we talked about a lot of different stuff and things that were on our minds.

9th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 9th meeting was held online on the 8th of May. Me and Siyuan continued restoring the scene where we were shopping together in the supermarket on our zoom meeting, but this time we focused on the vegetables and meat.

Just like we learned the names of fruits, we also found as many photos of vegetables and meat as possible, after we worked out all those names and expressions, we found that learning with pictures is really a good way to help us remember both their name and their appearance.


8th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 8th meeting was held on the 2nd of May online.  Me and Siyuan tried to restore the scene where we were shopping together in the supermarket on our zoom meeting. In this meeting, we found as many pictures of fruits as possible in life and then wrote down both their Chinese and English names so we could easily put them into categories.

At this meeting we learned almost all the fruits  we could think of in English and Chinese and had a lot of fun!

7th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 7th meeting took place on the 25th of April online. Me and Siyuan continued teaching to each other phrases used in the hotel or restaurant, this time with the more complex ones. As they were difficult Siyuan helped me by  splitting up each expression into many single words and then use examples in order to make me understand the meaning of every detached part. Finally, we worked out all the expressions.

6th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 6th meeting was online with Zoom on the 18th of April. Me and Siyuan talked about the phrases that may be used in a hotel or a restaurant as my studies are about hospitality management and tourism. As there are many phrases that can be used in a restaurant we decided to start with the simplest ones. Throughout learning those phrases we realised with Siyuan that some phrases used in Europe are not being used in China and vice versa.  Siyuan learnt some new phrases that can be used in a restaurant as well.

All in all it was another intellectual meeting.