Seventh Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

After some time we needed to arrive in our home countries, thanks to the zoom application we continue our meetings!! The topic for the seventh meeting was to have an English conversation with our friend King on how China and Cyprus are dealing with Coronavirus nowadays and what we are planning for the summertime after the quarantine period.

King explained that when Chinese people would like to go out, they should always wear masks and have their QR codes with them, providing the names and their contact information as they use them in self-service QR code readers, scanners or POS machines for entry access. Moreover, King’s house is far away from the beach, so he will enjoy the swimming pools during the summertime, and also, he mentioned that he is having an online Finish lesson for improving his skills.

On the other hand, my team said that because Cyprus is an island with many beautiful beaches, we have the opportunity to enjoy the sandy beaches, swim and go fishing during the summer, although we all search for a job as we have to complete our internship. Additionally, we explained to our Chinese friend how the Cyprus government reacts to the virus challenge by locked down, immediate tests, masks, and people asking for permission if they want to go out. Lastly, we are very optimistic that this obstacle will soon be finished and everything will be better than before.

I feel very happy that I have a friend in China, who shares his viewpoints in every question that we ask him!! 🙂

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