7th online Chinese and Cypriot meeting


Now that we return back to Cyprus, we found the chance to continue our online meetings with King and we are extremely happy that we have good communication. In this online meeting, we decided to talk about our future plans and the current situation of the Corona Virus in our countries. So our Chinese friend explained to us that the measures and the rules in China are still strict. Additionally, he would like to go to the beach for the summertime but sadly the beach is far away from his home so it is quite difficult to go there. Furthermore, we describe to King how is our Quarantine life in a hotel without having any contact with others. Adding to this, we share our future plans for the summer and our activities that we will do, mentioning that we will have to do our internship in a hotel or in a restaurant if is possible. Finally, it was an interesting meeting because we discover a lot of similarities in how China and Cyprus are dealing with the Virus.

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