Ninth Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

The ninth meeting’s objective was to get more familiar with the Chinese language and culture, by studying a poet from Chinese primary school. Our friend King was explaining each sentence in English, so we can understand, and then each team member was repeating the poet in Chinese. The overall point was that the autumn is coming! Of course, that is not real as the summer is coming, although this practice not only provided the Chinese language exercise but, also the cultural aspects of what the kids in China learn, such as nature is very important and they learn to take care of it. The poet below mentions metaphors, like there is a yellow bird and a red butterfly, yellow leaves are dancing and red leaves are flown. Moreover, we studied the numbers from 1 to 10 and the pinyin a bit more. I enjoyed this lesson and it was also, very funny when I and my team were trying to say the phrases correctly, in Chinese.

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