Tenth Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

In the final meeting, we focused on the English language by helping King to improve his communication skills, although I realized that when you teach something you learn the concept better. So, we discussed two topics, first were the social life in China and in Cyprus and then, the second our main topic was the educational system in both countries. Surprisingly, we found out that are very much alike, not only in the structure – from primary school till the higher education- but also, with the exams the postgraduate should apply, if he/she would like to continue the studies in a government’s university. Additionally, we mentioned future careers in both countries, and King said that in China, English teachers have a great future, which is the contrary in Cyprus. Last but not least, after a long and very interesting discussion about our countries, we conclude our lessons by expressing our feelings and that the EOTO was an amazing opportunity to learn new skills, to study two different cultures and having a new friend in China. I am so grateful for having this course this semester. 🙂

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