9th meeting

Hi there!

For our 9th meeting we had quite a nice location change! Tessa and I are moving together and she FaceTimed Ninni and me from our new apartment.

I told both of them that I will need to buy quite a lot of furniture and that its probably gonna be quite expensive..

Ninni told us that we can look for furniture at tori.fi. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Tessa‘s and my Finnish skills) the website is only in Finnish. Ninni showed us how to even get to the furniture part which is to be honest quite a challenge for foreigners!

This got us into talking and Ninni taught us the most important furniture‘s names in Finnish.

Now I can browse for some new tuoli, sänky or pöytä which are having student friendly prices 😉


And in case I can’t find what I need on Tori I am thanks to Ninni’s “furniture lesson“ now well prepared for the next trip to IKEA. Knowing this vocabulary instead of googling every single word makes life so much easier.

The next time is already our last meeting but we will continue having those calls even after that! And after all we still have to teach Ninni to cook dumplings (a traditional German dish) when all this is over!!


Stay healthy!


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