Online meeting Chinese-English (10)

Our final meeting, we decided to focus on the English language in order to help King with his English skills. The themes that we discussed during this meeting were about the social life and the educational system in both Cyprus and China.  We wanted to focus more in communication skills and pronunciation of the words. The thing that surprised us was the fact that both countries had similarities in their educational  programs and systems, starting from primary school to the higher education. Another thing that we had in common is the exams needed in order to enter any government universities in the country. Therefore, King told us that English teachers are the future jobs for China and that they are needed in the country.

For the end, we all expressed how our experienced was during those meetings, and our highlight out of all this crazy journey. We all agreed that it was a unique opportunity and that we made the right decision by participating in this program. ANNOUNCING: Each One Teach One Workshop series returns for Summer ...

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